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Our Car Park Roller Shutters

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When a car park needs to remain secured to prevent trespassing, the demands put on the motor can be extremely taxing. It is not uncommon to see duty cycles (the amount of times a roller shutter operates) above 100-200 cycles per day – sometimes these can even be hourly figures.

To cope with these strenuous demands a highly durable 3 phase motor will need to be used in combination with an operation system that is easy to use and reliable. Accessories such as fobs, keypads, and a control panel that can receive signals from 3rd party systems are essential. Car park shutters are often required to be perforated or punched to allow airflow into the parking zones.

Car Park Roller Shutters are not inexpensive solutions, but are still highly valuable commodities. They frequently prevent costly damage and vandalism to patrons or residents vehicles and properties. They also help secure a premises without having to provide a manned guard.

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As the name says on the tin – these shutters are used for a range of indoor car parks, often on new residential buildings. They can be reinforced to LPS1175 standards and can be punched or perforated to allow ventilation for the escape of vehicle fumes from the area.

Typical Applications:

  • Hospitals
  • NCP
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Public Car Parks
  • Private Car Parks
  • Office Blocks

If you have a requirement that you don’t see listed above, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss your requirements.

Due to the high demands a car park shutter is required to meet, a 3 phase motor is almost always required.

This is especially the case when a shutter needs to be insulated, security rated, or is in particularly high use.

The shutters are usually operated by a combination of operations, with the most popular options being remote control fobs.

The control panels supplied with these shutters are also usually able to receive a volt free switch signal meaning they are compatible with many different types of entry system.

Just like our other ranges of shutters, we can make our car park shutters suitable to a range of specifications. We regularly work with contractors and architects to create and deliver on unique requirements for new building projects across a range of sectors.

Customisations can include:


  • Galvanized Lath
  • Powder coated (any colour desired).
  • Flat lath
  • Tube and link
  • Perforated
  • Punched

Speak to our experienced team for advice on which is best for your application.

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What Options Are Available?

All of our roller shutters are built bespoke to your precise requirements.

During a site survey, our engineers will discuss available options including colours, profiles, operation, and anything else you require.

Our shutters are built to the millimetre, and will be designed and manufactured for your exact opening.

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We offer 24/7 Call Out & Repair, Maintenance Contracts, and full Design, Manufacture & Installation Services.