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Our Wind Resistant Roller Shutters

Wind Resistant Shutters can be designed, manufactured, and installed in as little as 5 days

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One of the biggest challenges for roller shutters, particularly ones which cover large openings, is how they face up to windy conditions.

High wind speeds can cause very high pressure forces to act on the shutters, and if they are not adequately equipped to face these conditions, then damage is almost always caused as a result.

For this reason most shutters do have some level of wind resistance factored into their design.

However, for particularly drafty locations such as maritime or high-altitude buildings, it is necessary to factor in the tougher conditions the shutters are likely to face.

Roller Shutters become more wind resistant by using wind locking guides and lath. This is a mechanical design that prevents the curtain of the shutter from flexing too heavily and blowing out of the guide channels.

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The performance or level of a roller shutter’s wind resistance is displayed as ‘Wind Class’ on a specification, specifically when in relation to EU Regulation EN 13659.

This is what the regulations mean in Pascals (Pa) and windspeed (m/s)

Wind Class 1 2 3 4 5 6
Pascals 75 100 150 250 400 600
Wind Speed 11.2 13 15.8 20.4 25.9 34.9

Wind resistant shutters work in exactly the same way as most other types of roller shutters, with one key difference – they are usually equipped with wind locked guides and lath that prevent the lath from blowing out of the guides in gusty conditions.

In some cases a heavier gauge of steel may also be used to reduce flexibility and increase the weight of the curtain.

Wind Resistant roller shutters are controlled either manually with a spring loaded barrel or hand-chain, or motor-operated with a single phase or 3 phase electric motor.

Depending on your requirements, some options may be better than others for your application.

For example, if you are using the shutter multiple times per day then a manual operation or 3-phase motor will be recommended to make sure the motor isn’t over worked.

If the shutter is the size of an average shop front, and you expect to use it once or twice per day (when opening or closing a business) then a single phase motor will be adequate.

All of our roller shutters are built bespoke to your precise requirements.

During a site survey, our engineers will discuss available options including colours, profiles, operation, and anything else you require.

Our shutters are built to the millimetre, and will be designed and manufactured for your exact opening.

Wind resistant shutters do lend themselves towards other purposes very well.

They can be made compliant to LPS1175 standards, or fire protection standards.

The way the wind locked guides works can help provide an additional measure of security, so they often make a good starting point for a wide range of projects.

Technical Specifications

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