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Roller Shutter Maintenance in Different Weather Conditions

With shifting seasons and changing weather conditions, it’s crucial that your roller shutter doors are prepared to withstand whatever natureContinue reading "Roller Shutter Maintenance in Different Weather Conditions"

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March 21, 2024

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With shifting seasons and changing weather conditions, it’s crucial that your roller shutter doors are prepared to withstand whatever nature throws their way. Today we delve into the essential task of roller shutter maintenance. 

With over three decades of experience, S and S Shutters have come to understand the delicate ins and outs associated with roller shutter door maintenance. As a company determined to maintain the highest standards, we’ve gathered an bevy of tips that have stood the test of time. In this guide, we’ll break down strategies step by step to keep your doors in optimal shape throughout every season.

Heres how you can adapt your upkeep routines for changing weather conditions, ensuring your roller shutters remain functional, durable, and reliable, no matter what the forecast predicts.


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Summer Roller Shutter Maintenance

Whilst the warmer, sun-drenched days of summer might seemingly pose less of a threat to your roller shutters, regular maintenance during this season is just as important for their longevity. 

Here are our summer tips:

Sun Exposure and Shutter Health

The prolonged exposure to intense heat can affect the functionality of your roller shutters. Components like guides, bearings, and springs can expand under high temperatures, leading to less efficient operation. Regular check-ups to measure functionality can help avoid long-term damage and improve your roller shutters’ lifespan.

Lubrication: Key for Smooth Operation

The summer heat can dry out the lubrication your shutters need for smooth operation. Roller shutter maintenance in summer must include checks and, if necessary, reapplication of adequate lubrication in the shutter mechanism. Remember, prevention is always better (and cheaper) than a cure.

Summer Cleaning

Dust accumulation is more noticeable during the summer months, which can affect the shutter operation and the aesthetics of your building. Include a thorough cleaning in your summer roller shutter door maintenance checklist, focusing on removing dust and debris from all mechanical parts.

Preventing Sun Damage

Continuous sun exposure can lead to fading and weakening of your shutters’ exterior. Consider consulting with our professionals about coating treatments that may prevent this damage.

Keeping your roller shutter door maintenance up to date during the summer season will not only ensure their smooth operation but also ready them for the colder months ahead. With regular checks and appropriate measures, you ensure that the changing weather conditions won’t catch you off guard.


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Roller Shutter Maintenance in Winter

The icy grip of winter presents unique challenges to the upkeep of your roller shutter doors. Bone-chilling temperatures, snowfall and icy conditions can all negatively impact the functioning and lifespan of your shutters. However, fear not! By being proactive and implementing a winter-focused maintenance routine, you can keep your shutters in peak condition, no matter how harsh the winter gets.

Preventing Ice Build-up

Temperatures dipping below freezing can lead to ice accumulating on your roller shutters. Regular checks and prompt removal of any ice build-up is important in ensuring your shutters aren’t damaged and continue functioning well.

Weather-seal Inspection

Low temperatures can possibly stiffen the weather seals and other rubber components in your shutters, causing them to crack. Thorough inspection and replacement if necessary will ensure that your roller shutters maintain their weatherproofing integrity.

Systematic Lubrication

Maintaining a routine of lubrication is critical during winter. However, remember to use a low-temperature grease that won’t harden or freeze. This will ensure a smooth operation even during the coldest of days.

Check Heating Systems

If your roller shutters are in locations with heating systems, ensure that they are working efficiently. Too much cold could damage the shutters and the space they are protecting.

Winter Safety Features

Ensure that any winter safety features, like freeze protection thermostats, are working as they should. Be sure not to overlook this point on your roller shutter door maintenance checklist during the winter season.

Weathering the winter requires more than just a warm coat. With a little bit of time and effort dedicated to roller shutter maintenance during the colder months, you can protect your property and ensure the longevity of your investment. Remember, care taken today is trouble saved tomorrow.


Spring and Autumn Roller Shutter Maintenance 

The milder months of spring and autumn require their own tailor-made maintenance routine. As the seasons change, so should your approach to roller shutter door maintenance. Here are a few tips from our decades-long experience which you can use to keep your shutters in optimal condition:

Dealing with Natural Debris

 The transition seasons of spring and autumn often bring with them increased levels of natural debris, such as fallen leaves and blooming flowers. Regularly clean out tracks and rollers to maintain an unobstructed mechanism.

Weather Seal Checks

Temperature fluctuations, common in both spring and autumn, can cause weather seals to contract and expand frequently, which may eventually lead to a loss of integrity. Make time to inspect the seals, replacing them if you notice any wear or tear.

Routine Lubrication

Irrespective of the season, a steady routine of lubrication is vital. Moving parts need to be kept smooth to reduce friction and strain, enhancing your shutter’s operation and longevity.

Thorough Component Inspection

As you bid goodbye to the harsh winter in spring or prepare for it in autumn, a comprehensive inspection of your roller shutter’s components is essential. Keep a close eye on elements like the guides and electric motor for any signs of wear and rectify immediately.

Regular Pest Control

Interestingly, roller shutters can be a prime target for pests during these moderately warm months. Regular pest control is a wise precautionary measure to prevent possible damage from infestations.

By following these tips and introducing them to your regular roller shutter door maintenance checklist, you can ensure that the change in weather doesn’t compromise your roller shutters operation, keeping your site secure and operationally sound, season after season.


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Roller Shutter Maintenance Services

At S and S Shutters, we’re not just about supplying and installing quality roller shutter doors. Our commitment extends well beyond that, focusing heavily on regularly maintaining these crucial components of your premises. Here’s how we can help throughout your roller shutter lifespan:

Routine Maintenance Programmes

We offer routine roller shutter maintenance services that are second to none, designed to keep your shutters in excellent working condition all year round. From lubricating moving parts to inspecting the overall operation, we work systematically to ensure not a single aspect of your shutter goes neglected.

Expert Inspections

With over three decades of experience, our qualified professionals have sharp eyes that can expertly identify any signs of wear or impending troubles. Be it spring, summer, autumn, or the harsh winter, we understand the unique demands of each season. Routine expert inspections from S and S Shutters ensure that small issues don’t snowball into major problems.

Customised Care

Understand that not all roller shutters, premises, and owners have the same needs. That’s why we provide bespoke roller shutter door maintenance packages that cater to individual business needs, guaranteeing that you receive the precise service you require.

At S and S Shutters, your shutters’ health is in expert hands. From the day of installation, our roller shutter maintenance services ensure they operate efficiently, offering you peace of mind, regardless of the season. Trust us to keep your roller shutters rolling smoothly.

We offer 24/7 Call Out & Repair, Maintenance Contracts, and full Design, Manufacture & Installation Services.

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