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How To Protect Your Retail Premises

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August 16, 2020

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Max O'Neill

How to Protect Your Retail Premises

A guide to Securing your LIvelihood.

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Retail security should be one of your top priorities if you own or manage any kind of retail business or premises. Being in a busy location may help you reach more customers and increase profit however, it can also be where you are most vulnerable. Retail premises can be damaged in a number of ways, from theft to vandalism to natural disasters, this in turn can lead to devastating consequences for your business. By protecting your premises with the best retail security, you will be able to minimise risks and keep your retail business safe and secure.

Outside Security

Your first consideration should be the area immediately surrounding your retail premises. The protection you need will depend on a variety of factors. Does your shop sit on a well-lit central street? Is it located within a shopping centre? Is it tucked away down a side street? Good street lighting outside the premises will help discourage potential thieves. If you pair this with a decent security camera system, you will be well-placed to prevent break-ins, and efficiently catch any miscreants. Alongside these security measures, you will also want to ensure your shop front is secured with multiple strong door locks and roller shutters.

Shop Front Shutters

If you have ever walked along a street at closing time, you will have seen hundreds of retail roller shutters coming down over shop windows. This is for good reason; they are one of the most popular and effective ways to add an extra layer of protection to retail premises overnight or during periods of closure. There are many benefits to using roller shutters. They can help protect your retail premises from all manner of threats, including light, fire, noise, flooding, and unwanted visitors both human and animal! They can also help conserve heat within a property, acting as a thermal barrier in both directions. Retail roller shutters add extra protection whilst using limited space and remaining discrete, making them a great choice for cramped areas, and for keeping your shop window stylish during the day.

What Kind of Shutter Should I Get?

Of course, there are many different kinds of shutter to suit the needs of different businesses, and they come in all shapes, sizes and designs. If you need, you can get shutters specifically designed for extra wind resistance, insulation or fire protection. However, one great choice for most businesses is transparent roller shutters. The main benefit of transparent roller shutters is that they offer the same security as traditional shutters, whilst maintaining visibility through your shop and the openness of the space. Made from polycarbonates, they are also lightweight and highly robust, making them a great choice for high-value retail premises.

Inside Security

Once you have the outside of your shop secured, you will also want to implement internal security measures. These could include more security cameras, sprinklers in case of fire, and even hiring a retail security officer to cast a human eye over proceedings. Good, low-energy lighting you can leave on overnight will also help discourage unwanted visitors and protect your retail premises.

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