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How Often Should My Shutters be Serviced, and Why?

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July 10, 2020

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Max O'Neill


Roller shutter servicing is an important facility maintenance task that can often be overlooked. It’s vital that you service your roller shutters on an annual basis.

Why every year? In accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, keeping machinery regularly maintained is a legal requirement.


Why shutter servicing is a legal requirement

Commercial machinery must be regularly maintained in order to keep employees, customers and other personnel in your premises safe.

Roller shutters – especially those that are electronically operated – count as machinery.

If your roller shutters fail and cause harm to someone, the court will look to someone to blame. If you have not been servicing your shutters on a regular basis, the fault will lie with you and legal action will likely be taken.

Such harm could occur if your roller shutters break and people are trapped in your premises or if the shutters break while opening causing them to come down on a vehicle or a person. Such events are rare but can happen if shutters aren’t regularly checked for faults.

By getting your shutters serviced annually, you can reduce the chance of your shutters failing and causing injury (and even in the highly unlikely event that they do still break, you will be protected).

Shutters that are used opened and closed multiple times per day may benefit from more regular maintenance – possibly at least twice a year. Heavy usage increases the risk of problems developing.


Other reasons to service your shutters annually

There are many other reasons to invest in roller shutter servicing annually beyond preventing injury and protecting yourself legally. These include:

  •         Keeping your premises secure: If shutters aren’t serviced regularly and faults are not picked up, your shutters could stop working and leave your premises vulnerable to burglars and vandals. By identifying faults early, you can fix them before your shutters fail completely so that they’re always working efficiently.
  •         Staying insured: If you have commercial property insurance in place, you may find that any claim is rejected if your insurer discovers that you have not been servicing your shutters regularly. This is most likely to happen in the event of criminal damage to your shutters in which your insurer will almost certainly conduct checks.
  •         Saving you money: Servicing your roller shutters will help to detect problems before they get serious. Fixing these problems while they are small will cost a lot less than fixing big problems that may involve replacing your entire shutter door.


Getting your shutters serviced

You’ll need to hire qualified professionals to service your roller shutters. This will ensure that they are serviced thoroughly and safely. By hiring professionals, you’ll also receive documented proof that your shutters have been serviced.

At S&S Shutters, we’re specialists in roller shutter maintenance. Check out our maintenance services on our site or call us today at 0800 112 0083 for more information.

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