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How does a car park barrier work?

If you’ve ever driven into a car park, you’ve most probably seen a car park barrier in action. Car parkContinue reading "How does a car park barrier work?"

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April 26, 2023

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Lauren Dalrymple

If you’ve ever driven into a car park, you’ve most probably seen a car park barrier in action. Car park barriers are designed to control access to car parks and parking facilities to keep vehicles safe from unauthorised entry or exit.

Automatic barriers (also known as automatic rising arm barriers) are one of the most common types of car park barriers. They use a combination of sensors, motors and control systems to manage the flow of traffic in and out of a car park.


So, how do automatic barriers work exactly?

Automatic barriers for car parks are generally controlled by a system that communicates with each barrier in the facility. This system then uses a range of sensors to detect when a vehicle is approaching, and when it is safe to allow the vehicle to enter or exit the car park.


When a vehicle approaches the barrier, the sensors detect its presence and then send a signal to the central control system. The control system then activates the motor to lift the barrier arm, which allows the vehicle to pass.


Once the vehicle is in the car park, the control system will keep track of its movements using a range of sensors. This allows the system to determine how long the vehicle has stayed in the car park and how much they should pay ( if the car park requires payment).


While some automatic barriers for car parks use a simple induction sensor to control access, others use more advanced features like licence plate recognition systems or RFID tags for increased security.


Whichever way you look at it, automatic barriers are an essential component of the modern-day car park, helping to control the flow of traffic and enhance security. 



What are the benefits of Automatic Barriers? 


One of the biggest benefits of automatic barriers is that they are highly efficient. They are designed to allow quick entry and exit of vehicles, making it easier for car park users to park and leave the premises. This saves time and improves the overall experience of using the car park.


Another benefit of automatic car park barriers is that they provide extra enhanced security. By restricting access to authorised vehicles, automatic barriers prevent entry to unauthorised vehicles as well as protect the car park (and the cars inside) from theft and vandalism. Having automatic barriers ensures that car park users feel safe and secure when using the facility.


Automatic barriers are also highly customisable. They can be designed to fit the specific needs and specifications of a car park. For example, they can be fitted with sensors that detect the size and weight of a vehicle, allowing for easier entry and exit. They can also be programmed to allow free access during specific times such as after hours or on weekends.


Finally, automatic barriers are highly cost-effective. Although they require annual maintenance, servicing costs tend to be low as they are designed for long-term use. In addition, their efficiency reduces labour costs for car park management as they do not require constant monitoring.


If you are looking for a car park barrier solution, consider opting for an automatic car park barrier, such as the automatic rising arm barrier, for maximum convenience and security


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