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Guarding Your Investment: A Guide to Car Parking Barrier Maintenance

Welcome to “Guarding Your Investment: A Guide to Car Park Barrier Maintenance”. At S&S Shutters, with more than three decades’Continue reading "Guarding Your Investment: A Guide to Car Parking Barrier Maintenance"

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November 17, 2023

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Lauren Dalrymple

Welcome to “Guarding Your Investment: A Guide to Car Park Barrier Maintenance”. At S&S Shutters, with more than three decades’ experience under our belt, we know a thing or two about the importance of quality and longevity in car park barriers. Our business thrives on providing reliable roller shutter doors, fire doors, as well as car park barriers to both residential and commercial customers across the UK.

Our job doesn’t stop after installation. We firmly believe that it’s equally crucial to turn your attention to upkeep and routine maintenance. Why? Because safeguarding your investment is key to prolonging the life span of the system, ensuring safety, and sustaining efficient operation that will serve you well into the future.

This guide will walk you through best practices and principles of car park barrier maintenance, offering expert insights that are both familiar and fresh. So, whether you’re a property manager, a homeowner, or a building maintainer, strap in as we help you master the art of maintaining your car parking barriers, maximising their potential while keeping them in tip-top condition. Let’s embark on this maintenance journey together, as we strive to guard your car park barrier – your precious investment.


Car Park Barrier Maintenance

Your car parking barrier, like any other mechanical system, needs regular maintenance to make sure it operates smoothly at all times. Car park barrier maintenance isn’t a suggestion but an essential task that guarantees functionality and can potentially save you the trouble of unexpected failures or costly emergency repairs.

Regular maintenance can help pinpoint potential issues before they become significant problems, such as mechanical wear and tear, accidental damage, and electrical issues. Some of the tell-tale signs to watch out for in your barriers include slower-than-usual operation, unusual noises, sensing issues, and visible damage.

A well-functioning barrier contributes to the security and efficiency of your car park, whether in a large commercial setting or near a small residential area. Looking after your barriers is key to maintaining a safe, secure space for your vehicles, ensuring only authorised access.



Automatic Car Park Barrier Maintenance

Taking care of automatic car park barriers requires a more nuanced and technically advanced approach. Being complex units, these systems are fitted with intricate electronics and mechanised parts that require specialist care. They are the unsung heroes, continually working, raising and lowering, withstanding harsh weather conditions and ensuring security, day in and day out.

One key aspect to remember while dealing with automatic car park barriers is the functionality of the automated parts. The motor is the heart of the system, which, like any other machine, can experience wear and tear over time if not adequately taken care of. A well-maintained motor is essential for a flawless opening and closing mechanism and a timely response to access control signals.

Electronic access control parts, like keypads, card readers, or transponders, also warrant maintenance to ensure they function without fail and continue to recognise and respond to commands promptly. Regular checks and cleaning are needed to prevent any build-up of dirt or grime that could impair the system.

Similarly, electromechanical safety sensors that are responsible for detecting obstacles need special attention. Problems may arise from poor alignment or dirt accumulating on the sensor lenses. A well-tuned sensor system is vital to ensure the barrier works safely, stopping and reversing when coming into contact with an obstacle.

Periodically, the physical appearance of the barrier should be looked after too. Dents or damages should be fixed promptly, and the surface may require repainting to maintain its aesthetics and prevent rust.


Car Park Barrier Safety

Safety is, without exception, a paramount feature of any effective car park barrier system. The key purpose of a barrier is not simply to regulate access but to do this in a manner that ensures the absolute safety of both vehicles and pedestrians. Regular maintenance plays a pivotal role in maintaining these safety standards.

Many potential safety risks can be mitigated with routine checks and maintenance. An overused or faulty mechanism may result in the barrier closing too quickly or without warning, causing potential harm to pedestrians and vehicles alike. On the other hand, a poorly maintained system might not collapse under a force, making it a safety hazard. Therefore, scrutinising the timings and force of the opening and closing mechanisms forms a significant part of our maintenance and safety checks.

Sensors in automatic car park barriers are also vital for safety. They are designed to detect the presence of vehicles or pedestrians, preventing the gate from closing inappropriately. Thus, ensuring these sensors function correctly can prevent accidents and damages.

Furthermore, safety edges, lighting, sounds, and warning signals are also key safety features that need routine inspections. Safety edges can stop and reverse the movement of the barrier if an obstacle is detected, while appropriate lighting, sounds and warning signals alert users about the barrier’s operation.

Moreover, the structural integrity of the barrier should never be compromised. Regular servicing can spotlight signs of wear and tear or damage from vehicular collision or weather that may weaken structural integrity over time. These issues need to be addressed promptly to prevent hazards or failures.

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