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5 Ways To Secure Your Commercial Premises

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July 10, 2020

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Max O'Neill

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5 Ways to Secure Your Commercial Premises

Want to know how to secure your business from potential intruders? Business properties of all types can be victims of burglary or vandalism. Here are some of the best business security tips to turn your business premises into an impenetrable Fort Knox.


Install a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms can activate a noise when a door or window is opened/broken into. This can alert people in the areas that your premises has been broken into.

Modern burglar alarms can send alerts to a business owner’s phone and may be able to be used to trigger lighting and security cameras. These business security features can also lower your property insurance rates considerably. It’s worth shopping around for a reliable burglar alarm brand.


Add security cameras

Security cameras will catch any intruders in the act, hopefully helping the police to catch them. In most cases, cameras can simply serve as a deterrent – most burglars and vandals will think twice before targeting a building with a camera.

Many modern security cameras are able to record footage and store it on the cloud. You may even be able to access live footage on your phone or on a computer at home (if the alarm has been set off, such a security camera could allow you to remotely check the scene and ring the police if necessary).


Install motion sensing lighting

Motion sensing lighting can illuminate your premises when motion is detected. Most burglars operate in the dark and adding such lighting could deter them from attempting a break in by increasing the chance of getting caught. It could also prove useful for improving the quality of security camera footage.


Strengthen doors and windows

Intruders will often look for weaknesses into a property. Make sure that any windows and doors on your property are secure. If any doors have damaged hinges or windows have cracks, it could be worth seeking repairs immediately. Options like shatter-proof glass, window locks, multi-point door locks and tamper-proof cylinders are all worth looking into.


Consider roller shutters

It’s also strongly worth considering roller shutters for business properties. Using commercial shutters, you can block off an entrance or a window during non-opening hours to prevent anyone gaining access.

Car parks, warehouses and vehicle depots are all common places in which roller shutters can have a huge benefit, helping to seal off large entrances that may not otherwise have a door. With remote control shutters, you can regulate entry to these places so that only authorised personnel pass through.

Shopfront shutters are also popular. These retail shutters can be perforated or made from tubes and links so that passers-by can still see window displays during non-opening hours. Such shutters could be manually operated or remote controlled depending on your preference.

Roller shutters often come with a security rating. Those with a higher security rating can be a little more costly, but may be worth the investment if you think your premises is in a high-risk area. 

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