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10 Ways to Secure Your Business

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March 29, 2020

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Max O'Neill

Keeping your commercial property secure is absolutely essential. It is most at risk when left unoccupied overnight and on weekends. Thankfully, there are effective measures you can take to avoid theft or property damage.

Let’s look at what measures can be taken to secure your business.


1. Alarm System

Installing a commercial alarm system should be your first priority. With some providers offering 24-hour alarm monitoring, nominated key holders or emergency services can be immediately informed of unwarranted access.


2. Securing Access Points

Commercial burglars will attempt to gain entry though any route available to them, taking advantage of unsecure windows, doors and hatches. Roller shutters provide an effective solution to securing access points on your property.


3. Background Checks / Hiring Screening

Having trust in your employees is important. With hiring screening you can check interviewees for previous criminal convictions. Hiring screening is a great preventative measure and will give you peace of mind when taking someone new on-board.


4. Secure Locks

Ensure your locks are resistant to break-in. Poor quality locks may invalidate your insurance claim. Roller shutters provided by S&S are certified to LPS1175 standards – meaning building components are resistant to break-in.


5. Identification

Consider equipping your employees with identification badges, this will make it easier to identify intruders. Registering guests upon entry with ‘Visitor’ badges will also help you keep track of people entering and leaving your property.


6. Entry Systems

Implement stricter access control using entry systems. Save employees forgetting or losing their access credentials by using fingerprints scanners. Biometric door entry systems are highly effective at keeping areas off-limit, protecting employees from hazardous spaces or securing confidential information. Other forms of access control include turnstiles, barriers and card / key fobs readers.


7. Commercial CCTV Systems

With current CCTV technology you can remotely view live high definition video from a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, CCTV can be integrated into 24-hour monitoring systems. Cameras can provide a 360 ° view of areas and incorporate state of the art technology such as thermal vision and AI systems; capable of differentiating between humans and animals, sounding an alarm if a human is detected.


8. Roller Shutters

Suitable for almost every business; roller shutters offer the best protection against commercial burglars. Even with tools, forcing entry through a secure roller shutter would take time. Increasing the time spent to gain entry can allow authorities to arrive before real harm is caused to your business.


9. Motion Sensor Lighting

Surrounding your perimeter with motion sensor lighting can deter intruders at night. If your building is well lit, neighbouring properties will have a better chance of noticing suspicious behaviour.


10. Security Awareness Training

Increase your team’s vigilance through security awareness training. Courses for employees can be conducted online and are proven to be a great preventive measure. Be certain that your staff have proper training and understand the procedures to be taken in emergency situations.

For more information on securing your business with roller shutters, you can email our friendly team at [email protected], or contact us by calling 0800 112 0083.

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